If you are browsing this site you probably are already a friend of Council of Africa Independent Churches (CAIC) – interested in seeing a better world, wanting to know more about how to be a part of transformation, realizing that the churches have a key role to play, and keeping yourself in touch with what CAIC is doing to enable the churches play this important role.
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We are proudly non-profit, non-corporate and non-compromised striving to achieve the objectives mentioned below. Thousands of people would benefit from your generous donation. If you wish to continuously stand with us, please send us an email on so we can add your details to our database and we shall be sending you regular updates about the impact you are making.

Now is the time for you to become a friend – someone who supports our work financially, so that we can carry out the task of supporting the churches as they work for a more just and equitable society. Your regular contribution can make a difference to our communities.

What Your Donation Focuses On

1.To restore and strengthen independent churches' family life of vulnerable groups through implementation of sound values and principles within the communities of South Africa. Provide community care support to the infected and the affected as well as to create sustainable job creation initiatives.

2.To mobilize, facilitate, coordinate, channel and redirect resources to benefit vulnerable, needy individuals and families within CAIC itself and beyond. 

3.To promote acceptable morals within the communities in partnership with relevant stakeholders in enhancing existence of better living communities. 

4.To develop and maintain Social and Community Development Programmes to the elderly, people living with disabilities, men, women, youth and children that will be beneficial to their self-development and their livelihoods. 

5.To promote understanding, cooperation and participation towards community activities relevant to the main and objectives of the organization (CAIC).

The CAIC Bank Account

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Council of Africa Independent Churches (CAIC)


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Kindly remit a copy of the deposit slip to the email: so that we can accurately record and acknowledge your gift.

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